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Q: How do I donate my family collection?

A: Contact or call 503-939-0544.

QDoes FIRST STAMPS profit from the proceeds? 

A:  No.  All Directors and Volunteers are unpaid.  First Stamps averages 100+ volunteer hours per week, since 2011, providing our charitable services.

Q: Is FIRST STAMPS connected with any organizations?

A: FIRST STAMPS was doing business as UNIQUE STAMPS FOR KIDS for the first three years.  We are one of three affiliates of UNEOK, INC a 501(c)3 corporation which supports UNIQUE CRAFTS, FISH FIRST, and FIRST STAMPS.  UNEOK has no function other than the disclosed association of our three supported and separate hobby areas:  Knitting/Crochet/Sewing, Fishing/Conservation and Stamp Collecting.   We support rather than connect ourselves with other organizations.  When requested we have been recommended by the American Stamp Dealer Association, American Philatelic Society, the Smithsonian, Museums, Genealogy Forums, American Topical Association, NFL Charities, Ronald McDonald Houses, Shriners Life Services, Coronado Safe, Webfooters (Postcards) and other charitable and philatelic organizations.  For full disclosure, Our Directors have or are currently concurrently serving as the President of the American Stamp Dealers Association or serving on the Board of Directors of Portland International Philatelic Exhibitions, Oregon Stamp Society, and/or Northwest Philatelic Library.  The majority of the FIRST STAMP Directors are also 25 year or lifetime members of the American Philatelic Society.

Q: How can I get my collection appraised?

A: Collection Appraisals are free at FIRST STAMPS.  For formal appraisals please use the recommended links.  We also seek our own internal appraisal of all donations and ask every donor the ethical question, “What delayed or hidden discovery amount would necessitate us to ever contact you and/or return a donation?” By giving our experts a number we can adhere to your instructions.

Q: How can I attend events?

A: Please see our events calendar and or contact to initiate or request support, merit badge counseling, or a new event.

Q: What other resources are at FirstStamps? 

A: We can provide clean up services for estate collections and would love to place your family on an active topical want list of deserving youth, future youth exhibits, adoptive families, missionaries, Peace Corps, and US Military Veterans seeking country collections. We have vetted APS Stamp Buddies here that have helped Adult Care Givers, Parents and Teachers transition family collections from one generation to the next.  Our non-profit business partners and generous donors have allowed us to offer children stamp recognition software, album design software, supplies, free catalogs and millions of stamps.